Aged Care

Moving into aged care can be a very daunting experience, whether you are organising this for yourself or for a loved one.

The financial implications of such a move can be very significant and often there are several options for how to proceed.   It can be hard to understand the implications of each and which would be best for you.

How will you afford the ongoing fees?

Is it best to sell or keep the family home?

How should you pay the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)  – is it better to pay this in full or pay daily interest payments (DAP) instead?

How should any left over funds be invested?

We can help you with these and with all your other questions.   We aim to ensure you understand your options and the implications of each, for your existing assets, your Centrelink/DVA payments (where applicable) and on your future cash flow and affordability.

Free booklet

If you would like us to post you a free copy of our “Understanding the cost of Aged Care” booklet, please contact us, or you can download a copy below.

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